frank iero, frerard, mcr, gerard way, my chemical romance

aunty thel

hey, everyone! i set my design back to old fashioned because i love it! anyhow, life is boring.
i'm leaving tomorrow for the hotel and we'll be there for 2 and a half days. we're going to see a family member (aunty thel) at the retirement village. last time we went she barely remembered us and thought i was my mum.. but i was so awkward and this time i'll probably fuck everything up. i always fuck everything up. just lucky there's wifi so i can still get new music, talk to my friends, read, & look at My Chemical Romance gifs :) i must go, bye byeee
frank iero, frerard, mcr, gerard way, my chemical romance

hi :)

hi there, my name is keira. i just wanted to say thanks for viewing this :3

i'm a smol emo. i love bands and my favorite is My Chemical Romance and i miss them so much because they've helped me through so much in life :)
my 2nd favorite band is Fall Out Boy, my 3rd favorite is Panic! At The Disco, my 4th is Sleeping With Sirens, and my 5th is Pierce The Veil. i listen to so many bands <3

i have lots of social media, too. i'll give you the link the my main 3:
Quotev consists of me posting random things about my life, music & making music quizzes. here's the link:
Instagram is mostly band stuff but also sometimes memes:
Tumblr is memes, pretty much:
it'd be pretty cool if you'd follow me, i follow back :)

i'm a huge fangirl. i love to fangirl over Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Brendon Urie & Patrick Stump. but of course i love all the other band members too, they're all as important :)

my favorite color is purple, i like chocolate mousse, anime, red, black, and llamas. i love music and youtube :) <3

thanks, i really hope you have a good day because you're worth it :) take in every second you can <3 <3 <3